The Eswatini Post and Telecommunications Corporation has pride in providing you efficient telecommunications solutions that suit your individual requirements: 



The Fixedfone is a service that provides customers with voice, SMS and other networked-provisioned service capability. It is ideal for home use.

Offered Tariffs

Fixedfone: Unlimited Tariff Package

The Fixedfone package allows you to call any time of the day or night for just *E100 per month.

The package is for the home user, and is a prepaid package that offers the following:

  • The freedom to call up to 60 on-net unique numbers of your choice.
  • The number of calls made to each unique number is unlimited.
  • Calls can be made all day and all night, i.e. peak and off-peak.

Fixedfone Standard Tariff Package

The Fixedfone package allows you to call any time of the day or night at the existing call charge rates that are applicable at the time of purchase and use.

The package is for the home user and is a standard prepaid package that offers the following:

  • Calls are charged at the standard billing rate for calls between Swazi Telecom Network phones, as well as to any MTN numbers.
  • Calls can be made all day and all night, i.e. Peak and off-peak

To get the service

Customers must visit their nearest Telecentre where they will be required to:

  • Fill in an application form
  • Purchase a handset for E240.00 (prices vary in accordance to the type of handset).
  • Purchase ONE airtime with E100 and then subscribe to the service by SMSing 888 to the number 116.
  • The package can be renewed monthly (30 days) by loading airtime valued at E100.00

* E100.00: Prices subject to change

* SwaziTelecom numbers: these are landline, existing ONE and fixed phone numbers.

Call Diversion

This service enables you to divert calls to a pre-determined number. The number can be anywhere in the world.

Call Forwarding

This service allows you to divert your calls to a number of your choice when you are away from your home or office. The caller pays only for the call to your number: you pay for the diverted portion of the call.

Calling Line Identity (CLI

It allows you see who is calling before you answer the telephone. The caller's number is displayed on the CLI Display Unit or CLI telephone. (except those numbers restricted by the caller).

Call Maker

CallMaker is a service that enables you to get unlimited off-peak national fixed to fixed calls only from your home telephone. Weekdays: 18:00hrs to 06:59hrs Weekends: Whole day until Monday 06:59hrs Public Holidays: Whole Day

Do Not Disturb

This service enables you to activate your phone to give a busy tone if you do not want to be disturbed.


This service automatically dials a predetermined number if you pick up the handset without dialling for approximately 6 seconds, ideal for emergencies.


Layetela is a voicemail service, which allows a caller to leave a message when you are unavailable or busy on another call.

Speed (abbreviated Dialling)

This service allows you to use short dialling codes for long and frequently dialled numbers.

Teleconferencing (3-party Call Conferencing)

This service allows you to talk simultaneously with a maximum e three people.

Time Clock

This service enables you to get the correct time from your telephone even if you do not have a watch. Ideal for those who do not have a watch.

Wake Up Call

This service works as an alarm clock. You can set the telephone to ring at a specified time to wake you up in the morning, or remind you of an appointment.

 Waiting Call

This is a service that informs you of another incoming call when you are busy on the telephone and gives you the option of putting your first caller on hold while you take the second incoming call.

Internet Services (

The Internet product offering consists of Dial-up Internet access available in analogue or ISDN connections. This is bundled with a host of value added services such as e-mail boxes with aliases, per­sonal web space, technical support and value added software. Products such as web based e-mail services further enhance these products.


Swazi Telecom's ADSL Broadband service provides you with high speed internet access at a flat fee. It also enables you to send and receive information quicker that traditional dial-up and you can use your telephone for voice calls while being on-line. Swazi Telecom's ADSL is available in the following speeds: 128kbps, 256kbps, 512kbps and 1024kbps.

ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network)

This services offers flexible and cost-effective communication solutions to customers who require more from a single telephone line, ISDN also offers quality communication that is faster and cheaper which are valuable attributes in today's business world.

SwaziTelecom Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband is super-fast accessible, affordable and reliable. It provides complete wireless internet access. You take the internet with you and surf the web in the park, in the airport, at a convention, on the road, literally anywhere there is a wireless broadband signal.

With SwaziTelecom Wireless, broadband customers are in for a real treat of surfing the net at super-speeds, at affordable prices.




     EVDO 1    EVDO 2        EVDO 3
CAPPED VOLUME PER MONTH        1GB      2GB         3GB
MONTHLY RENTAL        E295      E395         E495 


Why take a Package

  • No surprise bills at the end of the month • Lower per MB rates

How to get the service

  • To get the Wireless Broadband, visit your nearest Telecentre where you can purchase the dongler for a once-off fee and thereafter subscribe to your preferred EVDO data package.
  • You can also send an SMS to a defined unique number to subscribe your preferred Wireless Broadband package. Before subscription you will be required to purchase airtime that will cover the price of your selected package price.

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe to a Package


  • To subscribe to the 1GB Wireless Broadband Package, send '991' to 116
  • To subscribe to the 2GB Wireless Broadband Package, send '992' to 116
  • To subscribe to the 3GB Wireless Broadband Package, send '993' to 116 Unsubscribe:
  • To unsubscribe to a Wireless Broadband Package, send '990' to 116

* The SMSes can be sent using the dongle SMS function


Customers who do not want to be tied to a package can get the standard prepaid service which enables them to pay per surf. Customers will purchase a dongle and they will be charged a monthly fee of E50.00 which comes with 100MB of data. Usage above the allotted 100MB will be charged at 50c per MB of data used. 

Why take the Standard Prepaid:

It is ideal if you are a light user of data

How to get the service:

To get Wireless Broadband, visit your nearest Telecentre

Incoming Calls Only

This service allows you to receive incoming calls only and it does not allow you to make outgoing calls.

Out Going Call Blocking

This service allows you to block outgoing calls. Below are services provided for call blocking.

  • International blocking                                                                     
  • Interterritorial blocking (Lesotho,Mozambiqueand South Africa) 
  • South African Numbers blocking  
  • Total blocking (enables customers to block all out going and incoming calls) 
  • Cell Phone blocking                    
  • National blocking             

     Secret Code (Outgoing Call Barring)

This service allows you the customer to bar outgoing calls, preventing
unauthorized usage of your telephone. Incoming calls are not affected.

Spaza Phone

This service enables you to run a spaza business whereby you allow people to use your telephone to make calls at a fee. It is ideal for income generation.

Swazi Direct

This service allows you the caller to make a call from South Africa to Swazi­landand the cost of the call will be borne by the receiver. It is ideal for:

      Students • Business People • Truck Drivers • Ordinary travellers The number to dial from South Africa is 0800 990 268.


ONE is SPTC's brand that provides converged communication solutions through the Next Generation Network. Through this network customers are able to make calls, send and receive SMS's and have access to the Internet. ONE Fixed Wireless Offers:

     Prepaid services • Data services • Supplementary services

Product Description:

ONE Prepaid — this is a service where customers have the advantage of being connected instantly, with no monthly bills, no credit check, and they pay for units in advance by purchasing a prepaid voucher to top-up their accounts.

ONE Data Services: ONE Data Services are available through EVDO or lx. EVDO is wireless broadband that is superior to 3G. It is super fast, and it provides completely wireless internet access through the use of a data card (dongle). The best aspect of EVDO (to most users) is the mobility it offers. lx on the other hand is a wireless dial-up internet service which can be accessed using selected fixed wireless handsets.

ONE Products and features

ONE Prepaid Service features: Customers on prepaid need to purchase a fixed wireless phone and a prepaid starter pack from any Telecentre to get connected to the SPTC fixed wireless network. The starter pack includes:

  • A sim card                                   
  • Personal unblocking key (PUK number)
  • Personal Identification number (PIN)
  • Fixed wireless number

    Call waiting and holding: Call waiting alerts you of an incoming call when you are busy on another call. The call holding feature lets you take the new call without losing the first call. 

  • Prepaid product brochure 

ONE Prepaid Airtime denominations:

Prepaid airtime is available in the following card denominations: E5.00, E10.00, E20.00, E50.00 and E100.00. 

     ONE Fixed Wireless Supplementary Services

  • SMS: This service enables ONE fixed wireless customers to send and receive short messages to and from other ONE fixed wireless customers.
  • Voicemail: ONE voicemail service is your personal answering service.
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI): CLI identifies and displays the number of the person who is calling you.
  • Restriction (CLIR): CLIR allows you to prevent your number from being displayed on the mobile phone of the person you are calling  .
  • Call forwarding:  This service allows you to divert all incoming calls to any telephone number of your choice   
  • Call waiting and holding: Call waiting alerts you of an incoming call when you are busy on another call. The call holding feature lets you take the new call without losing the first call. 
  • Call barring: This service allows you to avoid unauthorized use of your phone and you can bar all outgoing calls but still receive incoming calls.  

Customer Wireless Zones

The Fixed wireless network is divided into 12 zones that span across the entire country 

Selecting a wireless zone: As a customer you will be allowed to select a maximum of three wireless zones; one primary zone and two secondary zones. For example you can select Mbabane wireless zone, Siteki wireless zone and Nhlangano wireless zone, where service will be activated.

Changing a wireless zone: As a customer you will be allowed to  change a particular zone anytime you wish to do so for a small fee. To change a zone call the contact centre on 800 2000.  

      How to get the service

  • Visit your nearest Telecentre                             
  • Select your three zones
  • Submit a copy of you national  identity card    
  • Purchase a handset and a starter
  • Fill in a service application form    

 For more exciting services from ONE we will keep you updated in your local media 


Payphone Cards

SwaziTelecom payphone cards are prepaid cards used to make calls from payphones/call boxes.

Umkhululi Easycall

Umkhululi is a prepaid card service that allows you to make calls anywhere, anytime using any SPTC telephone.

Umkhululi Ekhaya

This is a prepaid service to SwaziTelecom residential customers. It enables you to load calling credit onto your telephone at home 



Cash-on Delivery

This service allows merchants to sell their goods through the Post Office.

Money Order

There are two type of money order transfers:

Ordinary money order/money order by post and telegraphic money order. NB: Customers can send any amount. There is no limit.

Telegraphic Money Orders

In the event of a customer indicating on the requisition form that he prefers a Telegraphic Money Order, the clerk fills in the Money Order form and telegraphic advice. The information is then telegraphically transferred to the received office. Telegraphic Money Orders are solely for speedy delivery.

Postal Orders

These are notes obtainable from SwaziPost Office counters. Postal Orders have a monetary value printed on the face value of the note. They allow customers to send money from one place to another, where the receiver exchanges the Postal Orders for the face value of the order at the receiving office.

Ordinary Parcels

Customers can send letters and parcels from one Post Office to another for only the cost of postage.


With this service there are cash-on-delivery parcels, insured parcels and small packets which can be sent through the Post Office.

Insured Parcels

This service allows customers to insure valuable parcels against loss and / or damage. The insurance fee is payable at the time of sending the item. The fee is determined by the parcel's value.

Small Packets

This service is ideal for customers who want to exchange gifts at reasonable rates, as they are only charged the postage fee.

Phutfumani Couriers and Freight

Phutfuman Couriers and Freight is a domestic and international delivery service that caters for the needs of customers who require their parcels and freight to be collected and delivered anywhere in the country and in the world in a fast and reliable manner. Phutfumani Couriers and freight also provides warehousing services to customers.

Post Shop

SwaziPost provides a selection of stationery to individuals, businesses and schools. Individuals can purchase stationery in selected Post Offices. Businesses and Schools with large orders may call for a quotation and get free delivery on purchase.

Agency Services

These services are offered in SwaziPost Offices on behalf of other companies. Selected Post Offices sell and receive payments for:

  • MTN Products;             • SEC Utility Bills;      • SEC Prepaid Cards
  • SWSC Utility Bills;       • Revenue Stamps;       • Payphone Cards;
  • Telephone Bills;             • TV Licence;               • Umkhului Cards;
  • ONE Airtime

Bulk Posting

This service is ideal for customers who wish to post letters in bulk over the counter. Customers posting more that 50 letters qualify for this service. Customers posting letters in excess of 5,000 qualify for a discount on a sliding scale.

Franking Machine

This product is ideal for customers who post in bulk. Such customers have the option of owning a private franking machine. All privately owned franking machines are registered and refilled at the Post Office  


Mailing / Posting Services

SwaziPost customers can post their letters at any SwaziPost Office or Postal Agent for delivery locally or to any country in the world.

Private Mail Bag Services

This service enables rural customers to have their mail delivered in their areas of residence. This service is also ideal for companies who receive mail in bulk, the renter pays an annual fee, as well as conveyance fees for those bags conveyed by public transport.

Private Mail Box Services

Companies and Individual customers can rent private boxes at an annual fee.

International Business Reply Services (IBRS)

This enables authorised senders to pay in advance for Reply items posted by their respondents residing abroad or in a different location.

Stamp Bureau

The Stamp Bureau provides all philatelic requirements, such as First Day Covers, Set Cylinders Blocks and Gutter Pairs. This involves selling definitive and commemorative stamps to collectors both within and outside Eswatini.

Telephone Bureau Services

These services allow telephone users to make private calls at call box rates whilst enjoying a high level of privacy and managing the time and money spent. Telephone bureau services are found in selected Post Offices.


These are new telephone bureau metres, which are self-billing, can make international calls, do not need a 16KHZ meter pulses, do not need a technician for installation and can generate reports.

Photocopying and Faxing Services

Selected SwaziPost Offices offer photocopying and faxing services at competitive prices.

Internet Services

Customers may have access to Internet Services at selected SwaziPost Offices, where they can:

  • Access their mail; • Print Documents;• Browse different websites.